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Superfoods - The Healthiest Foods on the Planet

A consumer guide to the top 200 super-healthy foods and their high nutritional value. Superfoods is a comprehensive reference to the world's healthiest foods. It cuts through the marketing hype and contradictory reporting in the mainstream media to expose the truth. Registered dietician Tonia Reinhard gives expert advice on the very best high-powered, super-healthy foods and how to get the most out of them.

Superfoods is organized by food type and covers: Fruits and berries Vegetables Legumes, nuts and oils Grains Cereals Herbs and spices Meat and dairy products Beverages Confections Each entry details a food's nutritional content and value, seasonal variances and varietal information. Reinhard provides essential tips on how to maximize each food's beneficial effects as well as culinary tips. She also suggests food combinations that enhance the benefits. Is soy really a miracle food? What is the best source of omega-3? Is the pomegranate craze supported by fact or is it just savvy marketing? This book answers these and hundreds of other important questions about the foods we eat, providing expert guidance on the best choices. With Superfoods , readers will get the most nutritional bang for their buck.