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Behind The Bow Tie

Can you imagine the members of ZZ top without their famous facial hair?
Colin Firth, as a Kingsman, not impeccably groomed?, St Nick without his iconic beard? Idris Alba without his rugged salt and pepper beard?

A gifting company dedicated exclusively to men is long overdue!

Introducing… The Gifted Man.

A gifting company borne solely from an intense passion to create gifts that not only recognise men’s unique rugged or refined styles and needs but also aims to spoil and indulge.

It means buying handcrafted creams, potions and elixirs, gastronomic treats and blissful brews, that are not only proudly local but also from far flung corners of the globe.
It means, all men, both young and young at heart, deserve the luxury of being transported to a barber shop on a street in London, Toronto or Copenhagen.
Massage a luxurious oil into a well-manicured beard with products proudly made in Canada.
They deserve to craft a cocktail from a premium syrup locally crafted in Niagara, Ontario or from Kortrijk, Belgium.

Men yearn for gifts that speak uniquely to their passions without feeling like an afterthought.
They yearn for gifts that celebrate fabulous beards that provoke the best ideas, while being lovingly stroked.
They yearn for smooth and sumptuous skin after a close shave.
A silky balm that nourishes a carefully crafted moustache.
A stylish roadie for his beverage while he explores uncharted routes.
A sultry cup of coffee enjoyed at his desk, in a wickedly elegant mug…

Our genuine wish is that you feel the passion and intention that went into curating our gifts. You feel the sense of indulgence, your senses tingle as you reveal your surprise, you experience “gifting gratitude” because, finally you have been recognised for your awesomeness! We believe when a man looks good, he is irresistible. When he feels good, he is invincible.

All men deserve The Gifted Man.