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Grand Landscapes of Canada

Canada's landscape is like no other. Its sheer diversity is staggering: vast prairies and forests, impressive coastlines, majestic inland lakes and rivers, and urban parklands. Each season adds its own dimension of beauty.

As much as it reveals the geography of a country, landscape photography also documents the random events, whether fleeting or grand, that capture the essence of a country.

This magnificent collection spans 20 years of the work of Canada's renowned landscape photographer, J.A. Kraulis: a flash of lightning exploding across a summer sky; a sudden winter storm descending on an otherwise tranquil coastal bay; the surface of a lake, caught in a moment of stillness, mirroring the world around it.

These 200 handsome color photographs record the vast and beautiful Canadian landscape. They tell the tale not only of a country, but also of the photographer's inspiring relationship with it