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Gin: The Bartender's Bible

All alcohols have a social history and this book tells the story of gin. The spirit has a long and lively history and its popularity has waxed and waned over the centuries. But it is in demand again -- and rising -- and many would say that only now is it getting the recognition it truly deserves. At the same time, new makers populate the scene, many of them small, craft distilleries. The great G&T (gin and tonic) has earned new respect and is more fashionable now than when it was created by the English during Queen Victoria's reign.

From Glenfiddich Food & Drink Award-winning writer Simon Difford comes this beautiful guide to the 'juniper jewel.' Gin brings comprehensive coverage of the white spirit. It provides a detailed history of the rollercoaster ride gin has taken over the centuries, a full explanation of gin styles and production methods, in-depth reports on 16 distilleries, and production and tasting notes on nearly 175 different gins. It is a true celebration of arguably the world's most dynamic and fashionable spirit.

Gin includes:

  • A wealth of encyclopedic information for keen amateurs and drinks professionals alike
  • A spotlight on the craft gin distilling movement as well as larger, more established gin producers
  • Interviews and quotes from some of the most well-known characters in the world of gin
  • Contrasting detail of cutting-edge production technologies with centuries-old techniques and traditions.

For the great many aficionados of gin, new and veteran, Gin is a lively, informative and affectionate history of the heart and soul of the G&T.