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Vintage leisure mechanical watch

Display and function:

a. hour hand b. minute hand c. second hand d, day E: date

Use and settings:

Winding method: twist the watch clockwise to wind 15-20 times (do not exceed 20 times), the watch can walk for about 12 hours at a time

Manual mechanical watches must be wound manually every morning and evening.

Set time: pull out the middle completely and turn clockwise to adjust the hour and minute hands to the correct time.

Note: To adjust the time and winding, it must be clockwise, not counterclockwise

Watch waterproof situation:

The watch is only waterproof for life. It can only splash water and rain, not wash your hair, wash your hands, or take a bath.

About the strap size:

Belt strap; generally no need to adjust. If you need additional punching, you need to get a punch from a professional

Regarding the length of the strap, customers and friends can adjust it according to the size of their personal wrists. Can be adjusted by a professional who repairs the watch, or you can purchase a strap adjuster to adjust it yourself