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The 416

Cheers to the cities we love! A versatile gift for a host, friends and family.


This gift contains:

City Of Toronto Map Etched Glasses.Unique map design glasses on a traditional lead-free crystal whisky glass. Full wrap-around frosted print.

Whisky Stones in Velvet Pouch.These marble stones are tumbled to create soft edges making them easy to use. Store these in the freezer and pop in your drink when you're ready to serve to keep your whiskey cold without watering it down!

Northern Maple Old Fashioned Syrup by KVAS. Blends premium Ontario Maple Syrup, vanilla bean, baking spice and real hickory to give you the best old fashioned you've ever had. 

Potato Sticks and Spanish Almonds by Salted Company. Valencia Almonds, Potato Sticks and Sea Salt. Pairings: classic cocktails, cider, beer. Gluten free, vegan.

Gifted Man Gift Box. Reusable and perfect for storing mementos