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Sakura-Yuki Nosing Tumbler 2set of 2 Glasses

The Sakura-Yuki Nosing Tumbler is the beauty and the beast. Inspired by the traditional Japanese culture, the glass has a swirling pattern and features a thick bottom and a slightly tighter surface to serve as both a tumbler and a nosing glass.

Crafted as both a tumbler and a nosing glass, the Sakura-Yuki Nosing Tumbler can be served with whiskey and spirits. It is also made of lead-free mouth blown crystal glass, light but ultra solid, allowing you to nose your aromatic whiskey and swallow it in the smoothest motion. 

Material Mouth-blown EDO glass
100 mm x 65mm (height x diameter)
Standard Whiskira Packaging
Blowing Snow Artistic Conception
Designer Makoto Komatsu
Remarks Each glass is mouth-blown hence the actual shape might slightly differ from the images.