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Professional Pet Dog Hair Trimmer Animal Grooming With Electric Nail Clippers Cat Cutter Machine Shaver Scissor Clipper 110-220V


1. The blade is sharp and not jammed
Professional titanium ceramic sharp-angle blade, sharp, durable, non-heating, higher cutting efficiency
2. High-power motor, surging power
The P60 clipper motor is upgraded according to pet shaving requirements, using high-power silver-palladium alloy motor,
Higher speed provides stronger power and prevents jamming.
3. Doesn't hurt your pet's skin
The R-shaped obtuse angle of the cutter head can contact the cortex at all angles when starting up and running, and will not hurt the pet! Prevent the pet's skin from being cut.
4. Suitable for novices
3- 6-9-12mm limit comb
A 3-6-9-12mm limit comb is specially prepared for novices. Even if you don’t have any experience in shaving pets, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. With the limit comb, your pet’s hair will be neatly shaved and will not be pitted. .
5. Five-speed fine-tuning of the cutter head
In addition to 4 types of limit combs, the electric clipper also has 5 fine-tuning functions of the cutter head; it makes it more convenient for you to shave your pet's short hair (adjustable 0.8-2mm).


Power mode: charging / power dual use
Product accessories: box, manual, four limit combs, a 3V charger, a bottle of lubricant, a cleaning brush
Product voltage: 100V-240V universal voltage

Product accessories: 

1*packaging box, manual, four limit combs, a 3V charger (can be customized US regulations, European regulations, British regulations, Japanese regulations, etc.), a bottle of lubricant, a cleaning brush