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Karmaka The Game of Transcendence

A stunning card game of reincarnation and revenge, self-improvement and sabotage.

Best in Show and Best Artwork-Boston Festival of Indie Games

Finalist-SXSW Gamer's Voice

Official Selection-Pax South Tabletop Showcase

From the makers of Osmos comes Karmaka, an award-winning card game that plays out over multiple lives. Climb your way up the Karmic Ladder and be the first to achieve Transcendence-but be careful, because bad karma can come back to haunt you in the next life! Karmaka is a competitive card game for 2-4 players, all of whom start out as lowly dung beetles in the karmic universe. However, if you play your hands right, you can score enough points to ascend the rungs of the Karmic Ladder and be the first to achieve Transcendence! With each life (hand of cards), you can stash cards for your future life to strategically draft your next opening hand. Each card can be played for a certain number of points, as well as an ability that either helps you, or harms an opponent. But if you choose to do harm, beware-the wronged party can take that card and stash it for the next life. What goes around comes around!

• 2-4 players
• Ages 14+
• Game duration is 30-60 minutes

• 64 deed cards
• 4 reference cards
• 12 metal karmic rings
• 4 wooden player tokens
• 1 Karmic Ladder board
• Instructions

• A great choice for a group for game night; but Karmaka also offers a very competitive and engaging 2-player option for a couple or duo
• It's a strategic and clever card game for fans of games like 7 Wonders or Fairy Tale, or for anyone who enjoys a competitive take-that" element to their games.
• Breathtaking artwork on each card makes gameplay a true pleasure.
• Simple to set up, learn, and play