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K-NU19 Kent Comb, Coarse/Fine Tooth With Leather Case & Metal File (110mm/4.3in)

The Kent Comb is a trusted companion for gentlemen on the go. Made with cellulose acetate, the comb prevents static in hair and stimulates follicles so that the hair's natural oils are spread evenly throughout the scalp. Comes with a nail filer and a deluxe leather case to keep dead skin cells at bay on the go. This multifaceted set would make for a great gift for the man who is traveling at all times. (110mm/4.3in). 

Key Features:

  • Hair Type: Fine.
  • Size: Pocket (110mm/4.3in).
  • Tortoiseshell finish.
  • Black Larissa calf case.
  • Nail file Comb length 90mm length of teeth 16m.
  • Ideal for Travel.
  • Saw-cut to perfection.

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