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Digital Display Abdominal Muscle Patch EMS Muscle Massage

Product information:
Size: 25cm * 19cm * 3.5cm
Scope of application: office, outdoor, home, 20024861002
Color: red, black and blue
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and body building

Operating Instructions
1. Clean the parts you want to care for; Open the protective film of the abdominal patch, and stick the patch to the part you need care.
2. Press ON/+for three seconds and the blue light will be on. Shut down. Long press OFF/- three seconds to shut down
3. The host has 10 massage modes and 20 massage forces
4. Adjust the strength; When pressing "ON/+", pulse intensity
Increase; When "OFF/-" is pressed, the pulse intensity decreases.
5. It is recommended to use it for 25 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day. Each massage lasts for 25 minutes. The machine has a 25 minute time setting, which means that when the customer uses the machine for 25 minutes, it will pause. If you need to continue using it, you need to press ON again
6. Shutdown: long press "OFF/-" for three seconds.
7. Apply 1-2 times a day.
8. It is better to use the instrument 30 minutes after eating or taking a bath.

Functions: 1. The host has 10 massage modes, 20 levels of massage strength, and intelligent operation.

Packing list:
Abdominal patch+display screen+data cable+instructions * 1