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Crumple Whiskey Tumbler - Set of 2

The Crumple Whiskey Tumbler is not only an art piece but also an ergonomic rock glass that provides the most comfortable handle through its crumpled surface. 

An old fashioned rock glass, the Crumple Whiskey Tumbler has a thick base which prevents your whiskey from being warmed by hands. Its crumpled design also fits your hand ergonomically so you can sip your whiskey easily without slipping. 

The Crumple Whiskey Tumbler is one of the bestsellers in Whiskira. It is definitely an essential for whiskey lovers! 

Material Mouth-blown EDO glass
83 mm x 86mm (height x diameter)
Standard Whiskira Packaging
Designed after the look of a crumpled paper 
Designer Makoto Komatsu
Remarks Each glass is mouth-blown hence the actual shape might slightly differ from the images.