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Andu Watch Repair Kit 147-piece Tool Kit Disassembling Strap Opener Watch Cleaning And Maintenance

Product information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu
Material: Chrome vanadium steel
Number of kits: 147 sets of domestic trade models

This watch repair kit is packaged in a cloth bag. The suite is simple and practical. You can open the watch to change the battery, and the watch with the cover and screw cover can be opened. The watch strap can be removed at will, and the length of the watch strap can be changed. It is a hobby for beginners to repair watches. Ideal choice for users and watch repairers! The set includes: a strap remover with a lifting table, a prying knife to open the watch seat, a detachable head, a stainless steel tweezers, three One claw opener, one box of steel teeth for three-claw opening (18 steel teeth), three slotted screwdrivers (size 1.0-1.2-1.4MM, respectively) three steel belt punches (0.80.9 1.0 MM), 108 gauge pins 8-25 each, 6 pieces, indicating that the number of gauge pins is weighed may not reach 108 pieces. If you mind, please be careful. There are 18 kinds of specific quantities subject to arrival, because the gauge pins are weighing It’s heavy, the other small bag contains 5 needles for dismantling the strap, 2 needles for raw ears, a red ABS prying knife, a hammer and a large amount.
Product packaging: black canvas packaging (length 20.5 width 10 thickness 4.5cm cm)

Packing list

Suit x1