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Speyside Water 100 ml

Uisge Source Speyside Selection - the natural complement for Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Source: The Cairngorms Well, Moray. Located in the Speyside region.

Characteristics: soft water, low in minerals as a result of being filtered through hard rock such as granite.

Why use it? To enhance your whisky experience. Using Speyside source water with its companion - Speyside Whisky - will 'open up' the whisky, soften the alcohol prickle, allow it to breathe, and retain the whisky's original character. If you are thinking that any water can provide the same level of experience when paired with Speyside Whisky, then I invite you to the Uisge Source taste test challenge.

Uisge Source Taste Test - take 4 glasses of the same malt and add a different water to each using our pipette - then nose and taste the differences.
A group of us did the taste test and we unanimously agreed that Uisge Source Speyside water was the preferred water to use. The tasting challenge is actually quite fun to be a part of.

How to Use Uisge Source: Add a few drops at a time until you find your ideal taste. Stronger tasting whiskies and those above 45% may need more water. Older whiskies may require less water. Serve Uisge Source at room temperature.

Great addition to any:
Whisky menu
Tasting event
Whisky flights at the bar or on the drinks trolley
Bar, residential and commercial
Mixer/Cocktail category